Hexagon Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.

  Hexagon Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. was established in 1985, specializes in manufacturing and exporting high frequency welding machines, high frequency canvas welding machines, high frequency blister packaging machines, and high frequency weld-cut machines. We have over 40 years of HF machines manufacturing experience. Our dedication in improving the high frequency machine had made us become the only one company that had first developed a great solution to resolve high frequency interference. Our machines can last an average of 20 years. We have sold more than 4000 machines worldwide and obtained a great reputation in the industry.

Carefully select your high-frequency machine

  The quality and performance of high-frequency mechanical can already be determined during the manufacturing process. In other words, poor planning and manufacturing might result in arcing, poor welding result and electromagnetic wave leakage. Planning high frequency wiring requires years of experience. A high frequency machine with poor wiring might not show any fault at first, however, as time passes, it is guaranteed that sparkle will frequently occur or the welding effect slowly deteriorates over time. Then finding the maintenance technicians at this time would do very little help, unless you take apart the machine and rewire the entire wiring. Many customers had encountered a delay on their production line which was affected by the above situation, and then they had no other choice but to purchase another new machine.

  A machine with poor wiring will not only cause arcing or poor welding, it might also lead to leakage of high frequency and result in high machine temperature and becomes not operational. Furthermore, you might be able to feel a warm heat when standing next to the machine due to the high frequency leakage.

  Buying a stable and quality high frequency machine enables you to obtain a smooth production line uninterruptedly. Please take the delay on your production line caused by poor machine breakdown into consideration. Please seriously consider buying a good quality machine.