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If you require further information about high frequency welding machine,  feel free to contact us!

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Manufacturing the most suitable HF machine for our customers

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Our spare parts of HF welder imported by advanced countries with high quality

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High Quality High Frequency Welding Machine 

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Hexagon has 40 years of high frequency machine manufacturing experience.

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Hexagon has local agents in specific areas who can assist customers

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High quality HF machine let you increase production efficiency.

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Not only manufacture high quality machine, also sale the spare part.

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Hexagon provide the sample testing for customer!

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We can solve all of the problems with High Frequency.

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We offer a variety of high frequency welding machine

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Traditional type is suitable for simple product processing.

HF Purchase Guide

How To Choose a Suitable High Frequency Welding Machine?

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We carefully manufacture each high frequency machine.

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Customized service offer you the most suitable machine

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Over 40 years High Frequency Experience

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Hexagon Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. is looking for commercial representatives in Latin America. Welcome to cooperate with us if you have the experiences of repairing the high frequency machines......